Moozicore is a B2B music streaming service specially designed for businesses where background music plays a very important role. The United States of America itself has around 1 million such venues where background music is at the core, be it restaurants, bars, gym, cooperate offices or many other such venues. Moozicore promises to revamp this largely untapped sector with the promise of bringing a more personalized experience to their customers which subsequently help them as well.

Moozicore ico

Moozicore has their beta version of the app up on both iOS and Android platforms for the customers to try and get a first hand experience before the official launch. The app will be the gateway to plethora of services available for the users, right from listening to millions of  licensed songs, users can make use of the app at their favorite pub or club house or gym to vote for their choice of track to be played at that venue. Customers also have the option to request any new song through the app. If making a customized playlist from library of millions of licensed tracks is not an easy task then users can also source their playlists from Spotify or any streaming service onto the Moozicore app. The firm has also promised to provide daily updates for latest songs released on the music charts across the world.

Moozicore is not just tapping on the millennial culture and their love for music, keeping up with the latest trend of tokenization, the streaming service provider will also be launching its native token MZG though it’s first IEO on 5th July 2019. The token would act as a secondary currency for the services within the app, where users can pay for different services at discounted rates using the token.

The token will be launched on top exchanges of the crypto space right after the completion of IEO. The total supply of token will have a limited cap, along with an innovative token burning program to ensure the value of the token in the long run. As per the company’s whitepaper, the token burning program will consider 10% of the in-app purchase as reference amount for the buying back the tokens and then these will be burnt and removed from the circulation forever. The firm also promises to pay 20% of revenue from each vote made by the customers to the businesses where the services have been utilized.

The Tokenomy of MZG

MZG will have a total market supply of 1 billion tokens out of which 345 million will be up for grabs during the upcoming IEO Event on July 5th. The rest of the tokens has been allocated for various purposes for the future developments for the firm. 197 millions of MZG tokens will be set aside and utilized for the marketing campaign, 50 millions for user growth, 108 million for converted MZI and 147 millions have been allocated to the Moozicore team.

Simultaneously with the IEO on the main exchanges the Moozicore will held its Token Sale on W12 Launchpad that is scheduled on 5 July, 2019.

W12 Launchpad is a platform and blockchain protocol that aims to provide users with a fully transparent and trustworthy way to buy blockchain projects. The platform is based on the W12 protocol, the main task of which is to secure fundraising in projects for the success of the future of IEO! The protocol allows projects to set the flexible settings necessary for conducting IEOs.
All transactions are decentralized based on smart contracts and completely safe.

Additionally During the IEO conducted on W12 launchpad 50% of funds raised will be locked via smart contract on W12 platform according to the milestones established in the Moozicore Roadmap.

The firm is also planning to expand its services beyond the United States, where it is looking to launch it’s product in Japan in the first quarter of the year 2020 and in the second quarter of 2020 in China.

The “Big 3” of Music Industry 

Moozicore has decided to venture into the music streaming services for an industry with background music needs, but the music and entertainment industry is a harsh business full of legal dilemmas, trademark and licensing issues. So, Moozicore has decided to bring in the best in the business and one of the top rated lawyers for this industry, Mr. Jason Boyarski. Boyarski has been rated as a top lawyer in the field by the likes of The New York Times and Bloomberg.

Boyarski will not only help Moozicore with the legal aspect of the business, but also help the firm in inking licensing deals with the “Big 3” labels of the music industry which include Sony, Warner Music group and Universal. Although there is no official announcement on the status of the inking, but few in the market says if Boyarski is involved, the inking is just the formality.

Moozicore is quite confident of a very successful IEO and believe its B2B music streaming service would be pivotal point for the businesses which need background music in their day-to-day operations. The firm believes that their mantra of providing a personalized music experience to customers even at places where they had not control over the music being played will surely bring both the customers and these businesses closer than ever before.

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